Family Tradition

Since Ancient times the 120.000 m2 that make up the Finca located in the area of Orba known as “Racó Pastor” where there was an old corral used by nomadic shepherds to house their animals during their journeys through the different areas of the region, spending the night as on-site caregivers.

At the end of the 1970s, Vicente Peretó Cardona acquired the land where only ruined stone walls remained from the old pastoral corral, creating a farm to produce citrus crops

Later in 1985, Vicente Peretó together with his children, decided to found a stud farm for the breeding of Purebred Spanish horses, which they called Yeguada Peretó. Since then, the horses that have been bred at our Stud Farm have obtained numerous prizes and awards in national and international competitions.

It was at the time of the creation of the stud farm when, on top of the existing old stone walls of the old farm and corral of the nomadic shepherds, the facilities were expanded, always respecting the typical and authentic Mediterranean character of the constructions in the area.

This was how they created the stables, the blacksmith shop, the carriage museum and the winery among others. At the same time, they dedicated the entire land to the creation of immense meadows where the equines can graze almost all year round, thus creating large green areas surrounded by mountains with lush vegetation that offer a special magic to the entire environment.

It was at the beginning of 2019 when works began to dedicate part of the estate to the celebration of events. All of this in accordance with the legal requirements and projects required by current legislation that require certain capacity limits with security and protection measures, thus the project “Racó del Pastor Events” was born.

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